A summary of recent projects involving Environmental Policy Consulting.

Benefits of SuDS Tool (BeST), CIRIA (2015)

Development of tool and accompanying guidance to aid the identification and assessment of the multiple benefits associated with Sustainable Drainage Systems.

Environmental and Social Costs, Environment Agency (2015)

Development of guidance to inform a new water environment valuation framework, for the purposes of planning in the water environment.

Energy and Carbon Management, Seychelles Resource Efficiency Programme (2014)

Development of marginal abatement cost curves for energy efficiency and carbon reductions measures, part of a major resource efficiency programme in the Seychelles.

Renewable Energy in Water & Wastewater Industry, UK Water Industry Research (2014)

Management of water industry project to develop a compendium of existing and planned renewable energy schemes involving water companies, identifying and modellling factors and success criteria to inform future investment.

Benefits of Minewater Remediation, Coal Authority (2014)

Development of framework and implementation of approach to identify range of environmental, social and economic benefits associated with contaminated former mines.

External Evidence in River Basin Management Planning, Environment Agency (2014)

Identification and application of additional sources of benefits assessment to schemes put forward for the second round of RBMPs, building on the Environment Agency's Water Appraisal Guidance (WAG).

Monitoring and Evaluation of NIAsDepartment for Environment and Rural Affairs (2013)

Assessing the social and economic impacts and contributions to well-being of 12 Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs), established by the Department in 2012.

UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA), Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (2012-13)

Expert reviewer of follow-on project to 2011 UK NEA, considering macroeconomic implications of ecosystem service change and management.

Glasgow SWMP, Glasgow City Council (2013)
Economic Impact Assessment to support delivery of City's first Surface Water Management Plan.

Benefits of Groundwater, Environment Agency (2013)

Preparation of guidance and tools to assess economic benefits of groundwater improvements.

Assesing the costs and benefits of retrofitting SuDS, Yorkshire Water (2013)

Development and implementation of framework to assess environmental costs and benefits of sustainable urban drainage measures.

Benefits of UK Water Industry Research projects, UK Water Industry Research (2012)

Evaluating the benefits of recently completed research projects in the water industry, using a range of stakeholder engagement and economic evaluation techniques.

Integrating Ecosystem Services into CBA, Club project (2012)

Technical Director of WRc project CP433. Developed framework and the matrix mapping ecosystem services to water company activities, advised WRc on all aspects of the project, including the worked examples.

Evaluation of the catchment-based approach, Defra (2012)

An independent review (for Defra) of the 25 pilot areas testing new, partnership-based approaches to catchment management. Specific role to monitor and asssess the value for money of the pilots.

Review of Benefits Assessment Guidance, Environment Agency (2012)

Production of User Guide to accompany BAG, used for valuing environmental and social impacts of water resource management plans. The review supports the Environment Agency's Water Resource Management Planning Guidelines. 

Sustainability Indicators report, Water UK (2011)

Preparation of written report based on submitted data returns from all statutory water and wastewater providers in the UK. The report outlined the nature of the data and indicators presented, changes from previous years and progress towards long-term sustainability.

Available Resource and Demand for Abstraction, Environment Agency (2011)

Peer review of the methodology, caveats and assumptions used in the Agency's 'Available Resource and Demand for Abstraction' project. This project included a detailed assessment of how the balance between the available water resource and the demand for abstraction may change in England and Wales in the 2050s.

Climate Change impacts on Asset Management, UK Water Industry Research (2011)

This project examines impacts of climate change on levels of service and performance provided by the Water Industry caused by an increased rate of asset deterioration. As a result, companies are able to put in place cost-effective strategies and investment plans that address climate change risks including those for capital maintenance planning. 

Disproportionate Cost Analysis, UK Water Industry Research (2011-14)

Application and development of the methodology for Disproportionate Cost Analysis (DCA) to key problems which will be important in determining the strategic direction for the second round of River Basin Management Plans under the EU Water Framework Directive. 

Guidance on Water Resource Management Arrangements, Environment Agency (2011)

Review of guidance covering the water requirements of Water Resources Management Arrangements and water transfer schemes. The guidance covers the review of:

  • The fundamental need to transfer water;

  • The efficiency of a scheme in meeting its basic requirements;

  • Transitional issues that may affect the Environment Agency's ability to make changes to the scheme.

Green Economy Review, European Environment Agency (2011)

Full review and analysis of international, national, regional and other assessments relating to progress towards a green economy across Europe. The report was a key input to the Ministerial conference in Astana, Azerbijan where the EEA presented the first full European Assessment of Assessments.

Sustainable Regulation, UK Water Industry Research (2011)

Major water industry project to review the regulatory regime within which the UK water industry operates and make recommendations aimed at ensuring it is fit for purpose and sustainable in future.

Social Cost Benefit Analysis, private client (2010)

Economic appraisal of the environmental and social impacts of a major mining development in the Mediterranean region. The project utilised the ecosystem services approach to value key environmental impacts and incorporate these impacts in the decision making of the firm, including the design and scale of compensation measures.

Thames Water Public Inquiry - Expert Witness, Environment Agency (2010)

Provision of economic advice to the Environment Agency on the adequacy of the company's Water Resource Management Plan. Dr Bruce Horton appeared at the inquiry as an expert witness, and was cross-examined by Thames Water.